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Project Description
Herbert.NET is a library for the Herbert game, written in C#. It has full support for the H language including the execution of H programs. Levels can be created from code or loaded from files. In addition, the visualizer can graphically display levels and control execution of H programs, with various options for playback and display.

About the Project
The Herbert.NET project was created to assist with the Algorithm competition of the Imagine Cup 2008 tournament. The interpreter may be used for creating a simulator or any other purpose. It is a standard .NET 3.5 library and therefore may be used in any VB.NET 9.0 or C# 3.0 project. The visualizer is intended primarily as an aid for solving levels manually. Any suggestions for improvements or bug reports are welcomed and should be mentioned as comments on individual releases or as discussion threads.

Download An archive of levels for all matches (1 to 4) of the Imagine Cup 2008 may be downloaded here.


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